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Sports Marketing

RRP $343.99

Written in an accessible and succinct style, the textbook illustrates key themes with clear graphics and relevant real-world examples. It discusses significant elements of marketing theory and the latest practices to allow undergraduate and graduate students to understand both traditional and more recent sports marketing practices. Sports Marketing explores the latest sports marketing business practices, helping marketers make effective management and marketing investment decisions. This comprehensive textbook discusses relevant marketing theory and related practices within sports marketing. Each theme will: * Define key sports marketing ingredients * Provide mini-case examples of various sports around the world * Offer end-of-chapter questions and exercises designed to affirm key topics and stimulate the reader's thinking, and * Describe measures of the various sports marketing activities. This textbook will prove an essential companion to students on marketing, business and various sport courses at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

American Sports

RRP $968.99

This momentous four-volume work examines and details the cultural aspects of sport and how sport pervasively reflects--and affects--myriad aspects of American society from the early 1900s to the present day. Written in a straightforward, readable manner, the entries cover both historical and contemporary aspects of sport and American culture. Unlike purely historical encyclopedias on sports, the contributions within these volumes cover related subject matter such as poetry, novels, music, films, plays, television shows, art and artists, mythologies, artifacts, and people.

While this encyclopedia set is ideal for general readers who need information on the diverse aspects of sport in American culture for research purposes or are merely reading for enjoyment, the detailed nature of the entries will also prove useful as an initial source for scholars of sport and American culture. Each entry provides a number of both print and online resources for further investigation of the topic.

Pediatric Orthopaedics And Sports Injuries

RRP $353.99

Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the new second edition efficiently delivers targeted,trustworthy guidance for diagnosing and managing pediatric musculoskeletal problems.

Features 74 chapters cover pediatric orthopedic disorders and injuries; proven evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation approaches; practice-tested tips; and invaluable clinical pearls.

Topics include:
- Common sports injuries
- Fractures
- Trauma
- Limb disorders
- Spine disorders
- Musculoskeletal examination and evaluation
- Casting and splinting
- Imaging techniques
- Hip and pelvis disorders
- Infections
- Tumors
- Skeletal dysplasias
- Rehabilitation strategies

New and expanded chapters on:
- Sports-Related Concussions
- Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases
- Inherited Connective Tissue Diseases
- Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Each condition-focused chapter steps though every stage of patient care:
- Etiology/epidemiology
- Signs and symptoms
- Differential diagnosis
- How to make the diagnosis
- Treatment
- Rehabilitation
- Expected outcomes/prognosis
- Coding for proper payment
- When to refer

Dielectric And Related Molecular Processes

RRP $1.00

Specialist Periodical Reports provide systematic and detailed review coverage of progress in the major areas of chemical research. Written by experts in their specialist fields the series creates a unique service for the active research chemist, supplying regular critical in-depth accounts of progress in particular areas of chemistry.

Cam Jansen: The Sports Day Mysteries

RRP $11.99

Itas Sports and Good Nutrition Day for the fifth grade at Cam Jansenas school Cam and her friends are going to Franklin Park to run races, play soccer and baseball, and have a picnic lunch. They are all walking to the park when a local bakery is robbed. Cam must use her photographic memory to help the police. But meanwhile, she has races to run Then, when the soccer ball goes missing in the middle of a game, Cam is on the case And, later, Cam and her classmates are playing baseball when all of the gloves are taken. Who could have stolen them? Cam Jansen is going to have to click her way into solving thisaand all three of the dayas mysteries


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